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INTERVENE deliverables

Read up on some of the work performed by INTERVENE through the public deliverables below


Deliverable 1.1 - Data coordination centre established

Deliverable 1.2 - Review of the consortium partner biobank and data collections, including access policies

Deliverable 1.3 - Access to first INTERVENE consortium data sets available from EMBL-EBI and CSC Cloud services

Deliverable 1.4 -Access to a biobank data set through implementation of local biobank APIs and cloud resources to support federated consortium access

Deliverable 1.5 - INTERVENE consortium AI algorithms supported by CSC HPC environment on synthetic data.


Deliverable 2.1 - Data resources and harmonization

Deliverable 2.2 - Plan of data standards for genetic risk scores

Deliverable 2.3 - Report for identification of flagship diseases and secondary phenotypes

Deliverable 2.4 - Implementation of phenotype harmonization

Deliverable 2.5 - Genetic validation of disease endpoints

WP 7

Deliverable 7.2 - Data Management Plan

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