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Ultra-rare RTEL1 gene variants associate with acute severity of COVID-19 and evolution to pulmonary fibrosis as a specific long COVID disorder

Respiratory Research, June


A unified framework for estimating country-specific cumulative incidence for 18 diseases stratified by polygenic risk

medRxiv, June

Nationwide health, socio-economic and genetic predictors of COVID-19 vaccination status in Finland

Nature Human Behaviour, April


Contextualized Graph Embeddings for Adverse Drug Event Detection

Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, March

A Critical Look at the Consistency of Causal Estimation with Deep Latent Variable Models

arXiv, March

Genetic predictors of lifelong medication-use patterns in cardiometabolic diseases

Nature Medicine, Janury


Global biobank analyses provide lessons for developing polygenic risk scores across diverse cohorts

Cell Genomics, January

Ethical layering in AI-driven polygenic risk scores—New complexities, new challenges

Frontiers in Genetics, January




Gain- and Loss-of-Function CFTR Alleles Are Associated with COVID-19 Clinical Outcomes

Cells, December


Genome-wide risk prediction of common diseases across ancestries in one million people.

Cell genomics, April


Informative Bayesian Neural Network Priors for Weak Signals

Bayesian Anal, December

DOI: 10.1214/21-BA1291

Health, socioeconomic and genetic predictors of COVID-19 vaccination uptake: a nationwide machine-learning study

medRxiv, November

Gene-Gene Interaction Detection with Deep Learning

Nature Communications, November

Multitask Balanced and Recalibrated Network for Medical Code Prediction

ACM Trans. Intell. Syst. Technol, November

Systematic comparison of family history and polygenic risk across 24 common diseases

Am J Hum Genet, November


Integrating transcriptomics, metabolomics, and GWAS helps reveal molecular mechanisms for metabolite levels and disease risk

Am J Hum Genet, October


Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of gestational diabetes mellitus highlights genetic links with type 2 diabetes

Hum Mol Genet, October 


Omics-informed CNV calls reduce false-positive rates and improve power for CNV-trait associations

HGG Adv, October

An explainable model of host genetic interactions linked to COVID-19 severity

Commun Biol. October 

Reducing noisy annotations for depression estimation from facial images.

Neural Networks, September

Genetic risk factors have a substantial impact on healthy life years

Nature Medicine, September

Identifying interpretable gene-biomarker associations with functionally informed kernel-based tests in 190,000 exomes.

Nature Communications, September 


A cross-disorder dosage sensitivity map of the human genome

Cell, August

Inframe insertion and splice site variants in MFGE8 associate with protection against coronary atherosclerosis.

Commun Biol, August

COVID-19: a challenge and an opportunity

Eur J Hum Genet, August


Host genetic basis of COVID-19: from methodologies to genes

Eur J Hum Genet, August

Modelling methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus decolonization: interactions between body sites and the impact of site-specific clearance

J. R. Soc. Interface, June

Advancing our understanding of genetic risk factors and potential personalized strategies for pelvic organ prolapse

Nat Commun, June



Pathogen-sugar interactions revealed by universal saturation transfer analysis. 

Science, June


The human genetic epidemiology of COVID-19.

Nat Rev Genet, May


Challenges and Opportunities for Developing More Generalizable Polygenic Risk Scores

Annu. Rev. Biomed. Data Sci, May

Carriers of ADAMTS13 Rare Variants Are at High Risk of Life-Threatening COVID-19

Viruses, May

Genome-wide association studies of metabolites in Finnish men identify disease-relevant loci

Nature Communications, Mar 

Multi-scale local-global architecture for person re-identification

Soft Comput. March

Polygenic scores in biomedical research

Nat Rev Genet, March

Integration of questionnaire-based risk factors improves polygenic risk scores for human coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Communications biology, February


Patterns of item nonresponse behavior to survey questionnaires are systematic and have a genetic basis

bioRxiv, February

Estimation of recurrent atherosclerotic cardiovascular event risk in patients with established cardiovascular disease: the updated SMART2 algorithm

European Heart Journal, February

Multiparametric platform for profiling lipid trafficking in human leukocytes

Cell Reports Methods, February

A Unified Review of Deep Learning for Automated Medical Coding

arXIv, January

Machine learning optimized polygenic scores for blood cell traits identify sex-specific trajectories and genetic correlations with disease. 

Cell Genomics, January


Does the magic of BERT apply to medical code assignment? A quantitative study

Comp Biol Med, October


Clinical Conditions and Their Impact on Utility of Genetic Scores for Prediction of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Circ Genom Precis Med, August

Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19


Responsible use of polygenic risk scores in the clinic: potential benefits, risks and gaps

Nature Medicine.

Patient Outcome and Zero-shot Diagnosis Prediction with Hypernetwork-guided Multitask Learning



Medical Code Assignment with Gated Convolution and Note-Code Interaction

ACL-IJCNLP 2021, April


A Survey on Knowledge Graphs: Representation, Acquisition and Applications

ArXiv, April 


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